Transfer into the Supersonics Piano Method with ease

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Transitioning students to the Supersonics Piano Method is a breeze. Our Transfer guide provides valuable insights on how your current method books align with Supersonics Piano, with Level 1, Blast Off Bridge, and Level 4 being optimal entry points. Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • Beginners: Start at Level 1 for a solid foundation.
  • Later beginners: Dive into Blast Off Bridge for a smooth transition.
  • Early intermediate players: Take on the challenge of Level 4

Level 1. Suitable for beginners. Go exploring…

Blast Off Bridge. Suitable for Early Elementary players. Go exploring…

Level 4. Suitable for Late Elementary to Early Intermediate (Grade 1 to 2) players. Go exploring…

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If you become a Supersonics Pro you can legally print all of my method books to use with all of your students and grab a discount on any printed books you order from us. Interested? Find out more here