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Supersonics Piano Method transfer students

If you’ve loved playing our music then it’s time to take your lessons to a new, fun level – and streamline your teaching in the process. 

Each method book comes with free online teaching resources and creative activities in the Supersonics Plus App. Your students will love playing along to the backing tracks, consolidating their learnings online and helping them to develop a regular practice routine at home.

Transferring students into the Supersonics Piano Method is simple.

The best entry points into the Supersonics Piano Method are at Level 1, Blast Off Bridge and Level 4. See how your current method books can transition to Supersonics Piano in our Transfer guide

  1. Absolute beginners are best to start at Level 1
  2. Later beginners should start with Blast Off Bridge
  3. Early intermediate players should start at Level 4

It’s so rewarding watching your students’ fall in love with piano as they learn and master each book in our method.


Whether you’ve been using the old Blast Off Book in your studio already, or if you’re wanting to transition new students into the Supersonics Method – this bridging book is the best spot to introduce later beginners to Supersonics. Crucial elements to your students’ success are introduced in Blast Off Bridge. Students begin to play [...]


Watch your students fall in love with the piano, using the Supersonics Piano method – starting with this Level 1 book for beginners. These fun, inspiring pieces will excite your students from the get-go, encouraging them to develop a regular practice routine and take pride in their progress. Book 1 of the method takes a [...]


Delight your students and streamline your teaching process with Level 4 of the Supersonics Piano Method for early intermediate players. Student confidence will soar as you begin to guide them through pieces in the first six major and minor keys. Then expand their repertoire with music from different styles, genres and eras. You’ll love watching [...]

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