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Print everything. Access everything. Save on print books. All in one super membership.

Supersonics Piano Pro Membership

A Supersonics Pro membership is the best way to add value to your teaching studio. For one low fee you can print all of Daniel’s music to use with all your students, enjoy upgraded access to the Supersonics Plus app and benefit from a generous discount on professionally printed hard copies you order from us!

Invest in your studio today and become a teacher who is prepared for every student who walks through the door.

✔ Starting a new student? Print one of our method books and get started immediately or buy the print edition at a discounted price. Pro members also get access to our exclusive Primer and Junior series

✔ Need supplementary pieces for your students? Print a whole book for them, buy them a print book at a discounted price or just print a single piece (we have 51 books and over 1,000 pieces to choose from). We also have a Method Match section that show you how to incorporate Supersonics Piano pieces into other popular methods. You can browse through our curated collections here or search for a specific piece here 

✔ Need a piece at a certain level? All of the books and pieces are sorted logically according to this system so that you can easily find what you’re looking for.

✔ Need ensemble music? We’ve got you covered. There’s enough duets and trios to keep your students happy.

✔ Need pieces for an exam? Many of Daniel’s pieces are listed on exam syllabi and access to “Supersonics approved” historical repertoire is also included in your membership. Browse our exam collection here

✔ Want to teach scales and chords in an engaging way? We have pop chord method books and a huge library of scales, chords and arpeggios for you to use. 

✔ Want your students to have a more engaging practice environment at home? Your students can access all the upgraded features of the Supersonics Plus App at home, making their home practice sessions more rewarding and fun. This is included as part of your membership and  your students are not required to pay any extra for this. You can add a huge amount of value to your teaching with this feature!

✔ Need help with online teaching? Many teachers are turning to online teaching and Supersonics Pro is here to help you out. You can easily create annotated scores and instantly share these with your students. 

“Supersonics Pro has fuel-injected practice in my studio. There is a great range of varied pieces with engaging backing tracks. My students think I am super cool and we have a plan now which will take us months to get through! It has been great value.”

Heather W / Piano teacher

Share your love of music with your students. 

Supersonics Pro members and their students enjoy exclusive upgraded access to the Supersonics Plus App. This is the hub for your membership and where you and your students access all the premium content. Everyone in your studio will benefit from the upgraded access. Watch your students’ eyes light up as you introduce them to a world of online music and creative activities that support their musical journey.

✔ Print every book, piece and rhythm builder: While you are a member you will have access to every piece in the Plus library (there’s over 1,000 titles to choose from). Go exploring over at Supersonics Plus to see all we have to offer! 

✔ Bookmark pieces for yourself and your students: Make it easy for your students to find their pieces at home 🙂

✔ Annotate scores and instantly share these with your students: Use our specially-developed online tools to annotate and share scores with your students

✔ Superscroll recordings, recordings and teacher duets: Sheet music synced to recordings, backing tracks and teacher duet recordings. Slow down or speed up to adjust to your students’ ability and confidence level

✔ Superscroll Visual recordings: “Falling note” tutorials support alternate learners

✔ New Releases: Every week there is a new studio-licensed piece to download and keep forever. Over the course of the year you’ll receive 52 new pieces to permanently add to your own library. See which pieces are currently available for download

✔ Audio recordings and backing tracks: Listen to all your pieces and play along with backing tracks that you can slow down or speed to suit your playing ability

✔ Audio teacher duet recordings: Slow down or speed up these super cool teacher duets to adjust to your students’ ability and confidence level

✔ Save content for offline use: Save content to use offline when you have limited internet connection

✔ Save, assign and mark online theory: Mark your student’s theory sheets and save your marking annotations to the cloud for your students to view

✔ Access to exclusive “member only” pieces and books: Browse all the pieces and book we have available here

✔ Access to our exclusive Primer and Junior courses: You can sample the Primer course here and the Junior course here

✔ Early access to new material: You get to “test drive” new material before it becomes available to the general public 😉

✔ Rare Repertoire: “Rare” repertoire that has been edited and typeset to be engaging for today’s students. See which pieces are featured in this section 

✔ Single-handed pieces: Pieces arranged for single hand. Very “handy” for when a broken arm tries to derail a student’s progress. See which pieces are featured in this section 

✔ Transpositions: Pieces transposed into every major and minor key. Very useful for when a student likes a piece but needs for it to be easier or more challenging. See all the major pieces we have available here and all the minor pieces here

✔ Discounts: Save 30-50% on our professionally printed hard copies!

“Supersonics is helping my piano students practice more. The app is very easy to navigate and fun to use. Lots of music for all ages. Thanks, Daniel for making my piano teaching job easier! Maggie :)”

Maggie G / Piano teacher

A Supersonics Pro membership is perfect for you if you’re a teacher who: 

✔ Has a flexible, open-minded approach to teaching piano 

✔ Is looking for a huge library of catchy, inspiring music that engages students of every age

✔ Wants the option of either using printed or online scores, with the ability to annotate these scores before printing or saving to the cloud

✔ Loves the idea of creating a customised journey for each of your students

✔ Is already using the Supersonics Piano Method (or interested in a sustainable method that can complement studio growth)

✔ Wants a well-supported piano app, run by an accomplished composer, teacher and pianist 

✔ Wants a membership run by someone who listens to users and consistently adds value based on their feedback

✔ Wants the support of a community of piano teachers via an active Facebook group.

✔ Wants new music every week!

✔ Wants a piano app that’s suitable on a range of devices (desktop/browser, iPad/iOS and Android)

Sound like you? What are you waiting for? Take your teaching to a new, creative level.

“I’ve been following Daniel McFarlane for some time thinking should I join up as a Supersonics Pro member? After reading the discussion on his Facebook page, I could resist no longer! I’ve joined up and find his pieces are thrilling, motivating and the site is easy to navigate. So much great music is included with quick answers to any questions.”

Mary A / Piano teacher


Excite your students. Grow your studio.


  • Super low monthly fee
  • Recurring payment – cancel anytime

$USD9.95 / month


  • BEST VALUE: 12 months for the price of 10
  • Recurring payment – cancel anytime

Only $USD8.25 / month when you pay annually

Once you’ve signed up head over here to get started 🙂


By signing up you acknowledge and agree that:

  • The membership is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • The materials provided in this membership are for your own personal use and/or the use of your own personal students. You undertake to respect the copyright holder and to not illegally distribute any materials made available to you.
  • You will only use materials printed from Supersonics Plus while your membership is current.
  • Printable materials available as part of the digital library will require you (or you students) to have immediate access to a printer. The workflow for printing library pieces/books is:
    1. Access the piece/book in Supersonics Plus
    2. Press the “print” button
    3. The piece/book is sent to your printer to be printed immediately (these pieces are not downloadable)
  • You will not use the print book discount to commercially market and/or sell Supersonics Piano books to anyone outside your studio.
  • You will be personally liable for any breach(es) of this agreement by either yourself or your students and that any breaches will result in the immediate cancellation of your account without refund.


The monthly membership is offered at the discretion of Supersonics Piano. You may sign up for a monthly membership only once. If you cancel your monthly billing and then would like to become a Pro member again we will kindly ask that you sign up for annual billing.