Daniel McFarlane

Picture of Daniel McFarlane

Daniel McFarlane (born in 1979) is a prolific composer, educator, and performer who began composing in 2006. His compositions, which are featured on this website, are the culmination of years of practical experience teaching piano, theory, and composition since. To ensure the quality of his works, all pieces have been carefully tested and approved by his own students.

In addition to his work as a composer, Daniel has conducted workshops on composition and teaching for numerous organizations, including the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, the Australian Piano Pedagogy Conference, and music teachers across Australia. He has also served as an adjudicator for various competitions and as an examiner throughout the country.

Daniel is based in Brisbane, where he resides with his wife Melanie, a doctor who was previously a (very) competitive piano teacher, and their two children, Annabelle and Freddy. The family is also accompanied by their beloved dog, Max, an avant-garde artist responsible for creating unique “earth art” creations in the backyard. When he is not creating music or teaching, Daniel spends his time enjoying outdoor activities, reading, and exploring the subtropical climate of his home city. In a previous life, he represented Australia in athletics, achieving a brief moment of sporting glory. To learn more about Daniel’s teaching, please visit his personal website at www.danielmcfarlane.com.