Pop School

Learn piano chords with pieces you’ll love to play

Introduce an exciting addition to your traditional piano method with Pop School. Take your students on a captivating journey through pop music, teaching them the piano chords for their favorite songs while expanding their musical repertoire.

Pop School 1 is designed for (near) beginners and progresses gradually. Students will learn to construct and play major, minor, diminished, and augmented chords, as well as inversions, suspensions, 7th chords, power chords, and the pentatonic and blues scales. Chords are introduced using the absolute naming system (e.g., C, Am), Once students have developed a strong practical foundation with the chords, you can further enhance their understanding by exploring the Roman Numerals and Nashville numbering systems with resources available in the Supersonics Plus app. Students can begin working through this book once they can fluently play “regular” pieces hands together, read securely in the middle C to G range in the treble clef, and play two different notes simultaneously with their left hand (the ability to play three notes is preferable, but it can be developed throughout the first part of this book).

Pop School 2 delves into various accompaniment styles. By the end of the book, students will have a deeper understanding of pieces in contemporary styles such as ballads, waltzes, ragtime, and jazz.

Access additional teaching resources and creative activities for Pop School through the Supersonics Plus App

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