Graded Collections

From engaging elementary repertoire to beautiful intermediate piano pieces and epic advanced solos

Supersonics Piano Collections

Looking for a new range of engaging piano music for a specific level? Lucky for you, Daniel McFarlane knows how to compose fun-to-play pieces in a range of styles and genres that genuinely excite students. 

They make the perfect addition to any teaching method.

Delight your elementary players with Books 1-3. Featuring beginner piano repertoire in a range of styles and genres that progressively get harder. From fast and fun to uplifting and beautiful, there’s something for every budding pianist. Watch their eyes light up with each new piece they play.

Books 4-6 are full of engaging and beautiful intermediate piano pieces that help students refine their coordination, expression and technical skills – setting them up for success. 

Book 7 in the piano repertoire books contains early advanced piano pieces and advanced solos your students will love playing. From epic space music, exhilarating and fun pieces, flowing fantastical melodies and groovy beats.

Not sure what your students’ piano grade converts to in Supersonics Level? Get the Guide to Comparing Grades and Levels

Each exciting book comes with free online teaching resources and creative activities in the Supersonics Plus App

Want them all?

If you become a Supersonics Pro you can legally print all of Daniel’s books and pieces to use with all of your students and grab a 20% discount on any printed books you order from us. Interested? Find out more here