Delight your students and streamline your teaching process with Level 4 of the Supersonics Piano Method for early intermediate players.

Student confidence will soar as you begin to guide them through pieces in the first six major and minor keys. Then expand their repertoire with music from different styles, genres and eras.

You’ll love watching their love of the piano deepen as they play.

These lessons are as flexible as you need them to be. Work through the book from cover to cover, or match the pieces/modules with what you need in your lessons. This book, when accompanied by a general theory book, comprehensively explores the musical content appropriate for this level.

Supplement the content with extra music when your students show interest in any of the featured styles – historical music, contemporary, jazz, blues and pop.

We guarantee it’s one of the best piano books for intermediate players. It maintains the learning focus of earlier method books, while challenging and exciting students with a broad range of engaging music, online backing tracks and activities.

This book incorporates the first half of Pop School Level 2. Your students will love creatively exploring the different accompaniment styles featured.

By the end of Level 4, your students will be able to play in the first six major and minor keys and have the confidence and skills to creatively pursue their favourite styles and genres of music.

Read about how to transfer from other methods here


The goal for Levels 4 and 5 is for you to develop a complete understanding of the twelve major and minor key groups. We will do this by learning two Key Explorers. The first Key Explorer teaches you the major keys following the Circle of 5ths. The second Key Explorer adds the relative minors.

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This section explores the keys of C, F, G, Bb, D and A major. View the online support material

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This section explores the keys of A, D, E, B, G and C minor. View the online support material

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This section features arrangements of folk tunes and popular classics. View the online support material

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This section gives you the opportunity to perform a larger-scale work in its entirety. View the online support material

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In this section we explore some unusual sounds. View the online support material

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In this section we explore jazz styles. View the online support material

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This section features original repertoire by some of the great composers. View the online support material

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In this section we explore different accompaniment patterns. View the online support material

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The aim of this section is for you to explore your musical creativity. You aren’t expected to spontaneously create new pieces, instead you respond to musical ideas that I present to you.

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  • Content: 148 pages piano method book with 1-2 years of teaching material for early intermediate pianists of all ages. Book 4 explores the first six major and minor keys, as well as a range of styles and genres for your students to play – setting them up for future success.
  • This book is arranged in units featuring fun original pieces, arrangements and classical historical repertoire they’ll be excited to play.
  • Supersonics Plus material: Get backing tracks and extra material that work with this method, to give you a fun and rich teaching experience for you and your students.
  • Studio licencing: Print books are licenced one student per book. UPGRADE TO SUPERSONICS PRO to legally print this book for all your students. You also get a generous discount on print books. Pass on the full cost of additional books to your students or charge a resource fee to cover the cost of your Pro membership. Learn more about Supersonics Pro
  • Teaching Support via our Facebook Group: Join our Supersonics Piano Facebook Group to join a lively community of piano tutors using our method

Q: How do I access the material in Supersonics Plus?

A: Simply go on and start by watching the Video Guides. All the resources you need for this book are organised by Module.

Q: What if I want to use the Supersonics Piano Method for more than one student?

A: Each Method Book is licenced for one student. If you’d like to use the Supersonics Method for your entire studio, we recommend upgrading to Supersonics Pro so that you can either legally print copies of this book for all your students or use the 20% discount on print books. You can offset the cost of the membership by charging the full price for print books or by adding a resource fee to your lessons.

Q: What ages / grades is the Method Book 4 suitable for?

A: The lessons taught in Level 4 build on the techniques and theory in previous levels while introducing the first six major keys. The books are suitable for early-intermediate players of all ages.

Learn more about the flow of the Supersonics Method

Q: If I want to transfer my students to your method from another, how do I know where to start?

A: The best entry points into the Supersonics Piano Method are at Level 1, Blast Off Bridge and Level 4.

Read more information about transferring from other methods here

Q: What techniques and skills will my students master by using this piano method?

A: By the end of this fourth level in our series of piano lesson books, students will be confident and expressive players who have a more advanced understanding of keys, styles and theory. In fact, many of the historical pieces are listed with Exam Boards, so they’re perfect for those students wishing to lead into exams. They’ll be practised in playing:

    • music from different eras
    • in different major and minor keys, and

They’ll also be able to:

    • compose in a range of different keys
    • play more advanced pieces expressively with good technique
    • play arrangements with homophonic and polyphonic elements
    • play and compose music using pop chords in a range of major and minor keys
    • respond to some advanced creative stimuli
    • and much more

Q: How will I know when my student is ready for the next level in the Supersonics Piano Method?

A: When your student gets to the end of this first method book, use your judgement as to whether you feel they’re ready to move onto Level 5. If you’d like to spend more time consolidating the skills and techniques learned, we recommend you explore our sheet music to find more fun pieces to help them consolidate their knowledge and technique learned.

This book includes the following pieces:

Air Navigators: Major

Cloud Dancer (C Major)
Wind Catcher (F Major)
Clear Skies (G Major)
Updraft (Bb Major)
Constellation (D Major)
Sunbeams (A Major)

A Pirate’s Tale: Minor

Mutiny on the High Seas (A Minor)
Dread Pirate Dan (D Minor)
Ahoy, Me Hearties (E Minor)
One-Armed Jack (B Minor)
Race to the Treasure (G Minor)
H.M.A.S. Defiance (C Minor)


Ah, Poor Bird
Sakura Sakura (Japanese fold song)
Simple Gifts (Shaker song)
Hallelujah Chorus (Handel)
Danse Macabre (Saint-Saëns)
Funeral March (Chopin)

The Lake


Out of the Ordinary

Skeleton Rock (Hungarian scale)
Nebula (whole tone scale)
All Mixed Up (Mixolydian mode)
Let Me Tell You a Story (Dorian mode)
Kalyani (Lydian mode)
Septimus (7/8 time)


Blue Blues (blues)
Walkin’ the Dog (soul)
Funky Chicken (funk)
Froggy (12 bar blues)
Boogie On Up (boogie)
Side-Steppin (ragtime)
Downtown (walking bass)
Sunday Strides (stride bass)

Historical Sounds

Menuet en Rondeau (Rameau)
Burlesque (Leopold Mozart)
Vivace (Clementi)
Innocence (Burgmüller)
Soldier’s March (Schumann)
The Vagabond (Bartók)


Ballad 1
Slow Stride
Power Chords
Boogie Woogie 1
Waltz 1
Walking Bass
Ballad 2

+ 5 creative exercises

Read about how Supersonics Piano levels work

  • Use this method with the Supersonics Plus App to access all the supplementary material.
  • Use this book as the repertoire, technical and creative base for your teaching/learning. The flexibility of the method means that you can very easily add your own material to create personal musical journeys for every student.

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