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Faster Paced Piano Method Books for Older Beginners

Supersonics Piano Quick Start books

These Accelerated Learning Method Books cover all the same techniques and concepts in the main Supersonics Method Books, but at a faster pace that’s ideal for older learners. 

Quick Start A will build students’ confidence with its playful, open-minded approach to teaching older students to read, play with good technique, transpose, harmonise and be creative.

Quick Start B introduces new scales, modes and styles of music including some chromatic harmony, blues and jazz as well as exploring pop chords, familiar melodies and historical repertoire. 

Reading and Technique is a fast, flexible approach to learning core reading and technical skills. 

Each book comes with free online teaching resources and creative activities in the Supersonics Plus App. Students of all ages love playing along to the backing tracks, teacher duets and more. 

See how you travel through the books in the Level Flowchart

It’s easy to see why adults and teens love these books.


Are you looking to buy piano music books  to suit an older student? Daniel McFarlane’s fun and engaging Supersonics Method has been adapted with an accelerated pace for students aged approximately 12 years old and over. ‘Quick Start A’ will challenge them to learn the same core techniques and concepts you’ll find in Levels 1 [...]


Daniel McFarlane’s piano method is about building students’ confidence with fun, original pieces – and this piano book for adults and teens is no exception. Supersonics Method Quick Start B introduces new scales, modes and styles of music at an accelerated pace for older students at mid-late elementary level. The catchy, original pieces will engage [...]


Are you looking for a flexible and fun way to engage older beginner students and to teach them how to read and play with good technique? This fast-paced Beginner to Early Elementary book is the best way to learn piano fast – setting your students up for success. Each of the fun-to-play pieces introduces a [...]

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