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Original, creative and fun piano lesson books by Daniel McFarlane.

Supersonics Piano method books

As piano teachers, you want to inspire your students to fall in love with music and enjoy playing the piano as much as you do.

Every student is different, which means you need a flexible approach, that appeals to each student in different ways. You need creative activities and resources that encourage them to develop a regular practice routine – while taking pride in their progress.

It can feel like a big ask. Especially if you’ve been teaching for a while and you feel like you’re in a rut, or you’re just starting out and you’re still building your confidence. You also want to have fun while you’re teaching! Well, this is exactly why Supersonics Piano was developed.

The books featured here will teach students to read music, develop their technique, rhythm, pitch and theory, to play intuitively, to create music and become beautiful performers – all while having fun.

Solutions for every student


As a piano teacher who has been teaching for over 20 years, I know younger students need a steady, well-paced introduction to learning to read music and understand rhythm and technique. That’s why the Supersonics Piano Method is the perfect place for younger beginners to start. The steady pace will help them build their confidence to learn new skills early and avoid becoming overwhelmed, which can lead to a fear of failing and a reluctance to practice. Go exploring…

Supersonics Piano method books


Older students often advance through the lessons at an accelerated pace, and complete beginner books can quickly become boring. So, I developed the Quick Start series, that teaches new concepts and techniques in a quicker, more engaging way for older students. Go exploring…

Supersonics Piano Quick Start books


We also have the Pop School series. This series is the perfect companion to supplement other piano methods which don’t focus on teaching pop chords and it suitable for beginners of 6+ years (you don’t need to get these books if you use our main method books as the pieces have already been included). Go exploring…

Supersonics Piano Pop School


Start your piano students off the right way with Daniel McFarlane’s engaging Primer series. Daniel combines elements of Kodály and Dalcroze with pedagogically sound technical development to produce a series of three books that is not only bright, fun and entertaining, but also creates a solid musical platform for young pianists. Go exploring…

Supersonics Piano Method Primer A


In the Junior series Daniel McFarlane takes his incredibly popular Supersonics Piano Method Level 1 book and splits it into three bright, colorful books suitable for younger students. Students can begin their musical journey with this series or follow straight on from the Primer levels. Go exploring…

Supersonics Piano Method Junior 1A


Go exploring with these musically imaginative books. Ranging in standard from Early Elementary to Advanced, there’s something for every student here. Try to escape the castle in the Castle Escape series, beat all the Bass Bosses in Bass Boss Battle in order to master reading in the bass clef or sail the seven seas with Captain Dan in A Pirate’s Tale. You can also introduce modes, landmark notes, unusual sounds and seasonal music the fun way! Go exploring…


Looking for a new range of engaging piano music for a specific level? Lucky for you, Daniel McFarlane knows how to compose fun-to-play pieces in a range of styles and genres that genuinely excite students. They make the perfect addition to any teaching method. Go exploring…

Supersonics Piano Collections

Transfer students


Transferring from another method? There are 3 ideal entry points into the Supersonics Piano Method. 

  1. Supersonics Piano Method Level 1 for younger beginners
  2. Blast Off Bridge for Beginner to Early Elementary students with some playing experience 
  3. Supersonics Piano Method Level 4 for Early Ontermediate transfer students

See how your current method books can transition to Supersonics Piano in the transfer guide

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“Supersonics Piano helps me as a teacher to address any kind of learner. My visual learners love the appealing covers and fonts and simple pages. 

My auditory learners love to play with backing tracks for BIG movie-type sound. And my kinesthetic learners love the Theory Pages that correspond with the EXACT piece they are playing. It’s a brilliant method!”

Kelly M / Piano teacher

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