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Original, creative and fun piano lesson books by Daniel McFarlane.

As a piano teacher, your ultimate goal is to inspire your students to fall in love with music and enjoy playing the piano as much as you do. But every student is unique, and you need a flexible approach that appeals to their individuality. That’s where Supersonics Piano comes in.

Whether you’re a seasoned teacher looking to shake things up or a new instructor building confidence, our creative activities and resources will help your students develop a regular practice routine while taking pride in their progress. And the best part? We believe that learning should be fun!

Our carefully curated collection of music books will teach your students to read music, develop their technique, rhythm, pitch, and theory, play intuitively, create music, and become beautiful performers. With Supersonics Piano, your students will learn all of this while having a blast.

Solutions for every student


As a seasoned piano teacher with over two decades of experience, I understand the importance of a structured and gradual approach for young students who are just starting to learn music. The Supersonics Piano Method offers precisely that, ensuring a smooth and steady introduction to reading music, understanding rhythm and technique. This method is perfect for younger beginners, as it helps build their confidence by allowing them to learn new skills at a comfortable pace without feeling overwhelmed. This creates a positive learning environment, which encourages regular practice and minimizes the fear of failure. Take a closer look and discover the difference for yourself! Go exploring…


This adaptable series is custom-crafted for students who are aiming to attain a more profound comprehension of music’s inner mechanics, all while enjoying music that resonates with their personal preferences. Our approach is rooted in the concept of “flipped learning,” where we present concise, engaging exercises to instil the fundamental skills required at each level. Meanwhile, students have the liberty to embark on personally curated Repertoire Projects, delving deep into the exploration of every new skill. Go exploring…


For more mature piano students, traditional beginner books can feel tedious and slow. That’s why I created the Quick Start series – to provide an engaging and efficient way for older students to learn new techniques and concepts. This series allows them to progress at a quicker pace, while still mastering the fundamentals. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to a more enjoyable and rewarding learning experience. Explore the Quick Start series today. Go exploring…


Introducing the Pop School series, a collection of piano books specially designed for beginners aged six and above who want to learn pop chords. These books are the ideal supplement to other piano methods that don’t offer pop chord instruction. However, if you’re already using our main method books, there’s no need to purchase these as the pop pieces have already been included. Ready to explore? Go exploring…


Looking for a primer series that combines fun, engaging content with sound pedagogy? Look no further than Daniel McFarlane’s Primer series! Drawing on elements of Kodály and Dalcroze, Daniel has Daniel has crafted a four-book series that provide a strong foundation in technique and musicality for young pianists. With bright and entertaining content, your students will be eager to learn and develop their skills from the very beginning. Start your students off on the right foot with Daniel McFarlane’s Primer series. Go exploring…


Introduce your younger students to the joy of playing the piano with Daniel McFarlane’s Junior series. Based on the highly acclaimed Supersonics Piano Method Level 1 book, this series is divided into three colorful books that cater to the needs of younger learners. Whether your students are just starting out or moving on from the Primer levels, the Junior series provides an engaging and enjoyable musical experience. Go exploring…

Transfer students


Are you switching to the Supersonics Piano Method from another method? We have three perfect entry points depending on your student’s level of experience: 

  1. Supersonics Piano Method Level 1 is a great starting point for younger beginners
  2. Blast Off Bridge is designed for Beginner to Early Elementary students with some playing experience
  3. Supersonics Piano Method Level 4 is a great option for Early Intermediate transfer students

Check out our transfer guide to see how your current method books can transition to the Supersonics Piano Method seamlessly.

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“Supersonics Piano helps me as a teacher to address any kind of learner. My visual learners love the appealing covers and fonts and simple pages. 

My auditory learners love to play with backing tracks for BIG movie-type sound. And my kinesthetic learners love the Theory Pages that correspond with the EXACT piece they are playing. It’s a brilliant method!”

Kelly M / Piano teacher

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