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Access and print all of Daniel’s music. Save on print books. All in one super membership.

Enhance the value of your teaching studio with a Supersonics Pro membership. For a single affordable fee, you gain unlimited access to print all of Daniel’s music for your students, print all of our “Supersonics approved” historical repertoire, receive enhanced access to the Supersonics Plus app, and enjoy substantial discounts on hard copies of our professionally printed books.

Invest in your teaching studio now and be equipped for every student that comes your way.

✔ Starting a new student? With a Supersonics Pro membership, you can instantly print one of our method books and start teaching. Alternatively, you can purchase a discounted print edition. Plus, Pro members gain exclusive access to our Primer and Junior series

✔ Looking for supplementary pieces for your students? With Supersonics Pro, you can print a whole book, buy a discounted print edition, or simply print a single piece from our extensive library of over 1,000 pieces and 51 books. Plus, our Method Match section provides guidance on how to incorporate Supersonics Piano pieces into other popular methods. 

✔ Looking for a piece at a specific level? No problem. All of our books and pieces are categorized by level, so you can easily find what you need.

✔ Need ensemble music? We’ve got you covered. There’s enough duets and trios to keep your students happy.

✔ Looking for pieces for exams? Many of Daniel’s compositions are listed on various exam syllabi. As a Supersonics Pro member, you also gain access to “Supersonics approved” historical repertoire to help your students excel in their exams.

✔ Looking to teach scales and chords in an engaging and modern way? Our library of pop chord method books and extensive collection of scales, chords, and arpeggios can help you do just that.

✔ Looking for a way to make your students’ practice sessions at home more engaging? With a Supersonics Pro membership, your students will have access to all the upgraded features of the Supersonics Plus App, making their home practice sessions more fun and rewarding. This valuable feature is included as part of your membership, and your students won’t have to pay any extra fees. By offering this feature, you can add a significant amount of value to your teaching studio and help your students progress faster.

✔ Need help with online teaching? If you’re transitioning to online teaching, Supersonics Pro has got your back. Our membership includes a feature that allows you to create annotated scores and share them instantly with your students, making online teaching a breeze.

“Supersonics Pro has fuel-injected practice in my studio. There is a great range of varied pieces with engaging backing tracks. My students think I am super cool and we have a plan now which will take us months to get through! It has been great value.”

Heather W / Piano teacher

Share your love of music with your students. 

Supersonics Pro members and students get exclusive access to Supersonics Plus App. It’s the hub for all premium content, making your online music journey more creative and engaging.

✔ Access 1,000+ pieces: As a member, print every book, piece and rhythm builder in our Plus library. Explore our collection now at Supersonics Plus!

✔ Bookmark your students’ pieces for easy access: Keep your students organized and on track by bookmarking their pieces for them to easily access at home.

✔ Annotate scores: Annotate and share scores instantly with your students using our online tools.

✔ Superscroll Scores: Sheet music synchronized with recordings and backing tracks, along with teacher duet recordings. Adjust the tempo to match your students’ ability and confidence level.

✔ Superscroll Visual: Engage alternative learners with our “falling note” tutorials.

✔ New Releases: Get new studio-licensed pieces to add to your library permanently. There’s always something fresh and exciting for your students!

✔ Audio recordings and backing tracks: Enjoy high-quality audio recordings and custom backing tracks for all of our pieces. With the ability to adjust the speed to your playing ability, you can practice and play along with ease.

✔ Save content for offline use: Access your favorite content even without an internet connection.

✔ Rare Repertoire: Engaging “rare” repertoire by some of the great historical composers, edited and typeset for modern students.

✔ Other composers: Supersonics Piano now publishes the music of Sonny Chua, Sandra Labsch and David Urquhart-Jones. Pro members can access these collections for a discounted price.

✔ Single-handed pieces: Specially arranged pieces for single-handed playing, perfect for students who encounter obstacles such as a broken arm.

✔ Transpositions: Supersonics Piano provides transpositions of pieces into other major and minor keys, making it easy for students to play pieces in a key that suits their level of proficiency.

✔ Discounts: Enjoy 30-50% off on our expertly printed hard copies!

“Supersonics is helping my piano students practice more. The app is very easy to navigate and fun to use. Lots of music for all ages. Thanks, Daniel for making my piano teaching job easier! Maggie :)”

Maggie G / Piano teacher

A Supersonics Pro membership is perfect for you if you’re a teacher who: 

✔ Has a flexible, open-minded approach to teaching piano 

✔ Is looking for a huge library of catchy, inspiring music that engages students of every age

✔ Wants the option of either using printed or online scores, with the ability to annotate these scores before printing or saving to the cloud

✔ Loves the idea of creating a customised journey for each of your students

✔ Is already using the Supersonics Piano Method (or interested in a sustainable method that can complement studio growth)

✔ Wants a well-supported piano app, run by an accomplished composer, teacher and pianist 

✔ Wants a membership run by someone who listens to users and consistently adds value based on their feedback

✔ Wants the support of a community of piano teachers via an active Facebook group.

✔ Wants a piano app that’s suitable on a range of devices (desktop/browser, iPad/iOS and Android)

Sound like your ideal teaching experience? Join Supersonics Pro today and take your teaching to the next level!

“I’ve been following Daniel McFarlane for some time thinking should I join up as a Supersonics Pro member? After reading the discussion on his Facebook page, I could resist no longer! I’ve joined up and find his pieces are thrilling, motivating and the site is easy to navigate. So much great music is included with quick answers to any questions.”

Mary A / Piano teacher


All our membership options give you and your students the same level of access. Simply choose how long you’d like to commit for. 

Excite your students. Grow your studio.


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  • Save 25% when you commit to a 6 month minimum period
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  • Our best value option! 
  • Save 50% when you commit to a 12 month minimum period
  • Easily cancel after 12 months

$USD20.00 / month

We accept monthly payment by Mastercard, Visa and American Express. We are unable to offer monthly payments for PayPal or Discover cards. If you would like to pay via PayPal or with a Discover card (or simply pay for your membership in one annual amount), please use our annual option here

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  • Printable materials available as part of the digital library will require you (or you students) to have immediate access to a printer. The workflow for printing library pieces/books is:
    1. Access the piece/book in Supersonics Plus
    2. Press the “print” button
    3. The piece/book is sent to your printer to be printed immediately (these pieces are not downloadable)
  • You will not use the print book discount to commercially market and/or sell Supersonics Piano books to anyone outside your studio.
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