Premium composers

Engaging extra music from some of the best contemporary pedagogical composers.

We have sourced and licensed super engaging music from renowned pedagogical composers such as Sonny Chua, Bradley Eustace, Sandra Labsch and David Urquhart-Jones. With a Supersonics Pro Premium subscription, you can access all these exceptional pieces. They all have have been meticulously hand-picked and edited by Daniel to ensure top-notch quality and many of them are listed on various exam boards’ syllabi. Currently, there are 46 pieces available, with more being added every month!

Online resources: You can view all the Supersonics Plus resources available for these books here

The 14 pieces in this collection showcase what I believe to be Sonny Chua’s finest solos for Mid Elementary to Early Intermediate levels. Go exploring…

The 14 pieces in this collection represent what I consider to be Sonny Chua’s greatest Early Intermediate solos.. Go exploring…

The 6 vocalises in this collection have been selected and arranged by Daniel McFarlane from Sonny Chua’s “Vocalises Book 1: A Barker’s Dozen.”. Go exploring…

The 12 pieces in this collection represent what I consider to be Sandra Labsch’s finest Late Intermediate to Advanced solos. Go exploring…


Give you and your students access to all these incredibly engaging pieces.

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