Now that your students know how to play a broad range of piano chords and progressions, this book will teach them to apply this knowledge – creating music with different moods and expressions.

Watch student confidence soar as they pair piano chords with melodies in a range of contemporary styles, including ballads, waltzes, rag and jazz tunes.

Daniel McFarlane’s engaging pieces, online resources and activities will streamline your teaching process and set your students up for success. Each piece in this pop method book has online recordings and additional teaching resources – making lessons (and practice!) fun.

Pop School 2 is the perfect companion to more “traditional” piano methods (If you are already using Supersonics Piano Method Levels 4 and 5 then you are already covering the concepts and material within this book). Each original piece introduces or consolidates a new accompaniment style. The free Roman Numeral and Nashville Number System analyses in Supersonics Plus will help further your understanding of each piece.

By the end of this book students will have a deep understanding and foundation from which to apply their knowledge to other styles and genres of music.


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  • Content: 40 page piano method book with 6-12 months of teaching material for elementary to intermediate pianists of all ages.
  • BONUS FREE ACCESS to Supersonics Plus material: Get sample recordings and additional teaching resources that provide a fun and rich teaching experience for you and your students.
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Q: How do I access the material in Supersonics Plus?

A: Simply go on and start by watching the Video Guides. All the resources you need for this book are organised by Module.

Q: What if I want to use the Supersonics Piano Method for more than one student?

A: Each Method Book is licenced for one student. If you’d like to use the Supersonics Method for your entire studio, we recommend upgrading to Supersonics Pro so that you can either legally print copies of this book for all your students or use the 30% discount on print books. You can offset the cost of the membership by charging the full price for print books or by adding a resource fee to your lessons.

Q: What ages / grades is Pop School 2 suitable for?

A: This book is the perfect companion to supplement other piano methods who don’t focus on teaching pop chords, progressions and contemporary harmonies in detail for students 6+ years.

Q: What techniques and skills will my students master by using this piano method?

A: By the end of Pop School 2, students will develop a love of contemporary melodies in a range of popular styles – and be able to play the accompanying chords in different ways.

They’ll build on their practical knowledge of chord progressions, and play accompanying contemporary melodies – giving them a strong music foundation to provide a better understanding of classical music and other styles such as rock, blues and jazz.

They’ll become familiar with chord progressions and melodies in these styles:

    • Ballad
    • Slow stride
    • Power chords
    • Boogie woogie
    • Funk
    • Tango
    • Waltz

This book includes the following pieces:

Ballad 1
Slow Stride
Power Chords
Boogie Woogie 1
Waltz 1

Walking Bass
Ballad 2
Ballad 3

Ballad 4
Syncopated 1
Waltz 2
Boogie Woogie 2
Syncopated 2
Ballad 5

Read about how Supersonics Piano levels work

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  • Upgrade your access to the app by subscribing to Supersonics Pro to get discounts on print books, new pieces every month, and an online portal for students to access and practice at home. Bookmark their pieces, mark theory, print additional sheet music and much more.
  • Use this book as the repertoire, technical and creative base for teaching/learning pop music. You can then add “real” pop, rock and jazz pieces according to your student’s tastes.

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