Go on a Fun Supplementary Adventure!

Catchy and fun piano pieces to inspire your students

Supersonics Piano Supplementary Adventures

Want some fun piano pieces to supplement your teaching method? These catchy, engaging pieces are ideal for helping students refine technical skills and musical knowledge. 

Go on a “middle C” adventure in Land of the Middle Seas – where each new piece tells a new part in the musical story, encourage them to develop on their expressive playing.

Castle Escape 1 is full of fast, easy piano pieces – perfect for students who want something different to kick start their enthusiasm again. With catchy melodic patterns and pieces that challenge them to move around the piano as they play, they’ll look forward to every practice session.

Castle Escape 2 will supplement your usual method by challenging students to explore the keys of A, E and D minor in a range of quick, exciting piano pieces. They’ll master the pieces quickly, giving them a confidence boost. 

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Each exciting book comes with free online teaching resources and creative activities in the Supersonics Plus App

Want them all?

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