Musical Stories

Practice your expressive techniques with music you’ll love

Supersonics Piano Stories

Take your students on an adventure with our most popular pieces. Featuring inspirational melodies and epic rhythms that challenge them to work on their expressive piano playing – students will take their listeners on a unique and exciting musical journey. 

Students can play the soundtrack to a dramatic castle escape or sail the seven seas with Captain Dan.

Students will explore a range of expressive techniques in their music, such as changing time signatures, repetitive melodic patterns with lots of dramatic accents, crisp staccato and varying tempos. It’s sure to keep students engaged.

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Each exciting book comes with free online teaching resources and creative activities in the Supersonics Plus App


Each epic Early to Mid Elementary piano piece in this book is the soundtrack to your dramatic castle escape. Students are invited to use their wits and skill to learn each new, slightly harder piece to progress their technique throughout the book. Inspired by otherworldly places and fairy tales, we guarantee you’ll love this popular [...]


Taking inspiration from cinematic soundtracks, Daniel McFarlane’s original Mid to Late Elementary pieces continue the story from Castle Escape 1. Featuring vivid musical imagery students are tasked with using their skills in musical expression to take listeners on their journey for freedom.  Extending students’ range across more of the piano, the popular sequel features fantasy [...]


Practice your expression and storytelling with music using joyous jigs, and epic pirate battles your students will love to play.  Play the Early Intermediate soundtrack of Dread Pirate Dan’s journey. Keep the beat with your peg leg (or left hook) while you play.  Explore the challenging, tumultuous seas of changing time signatures and new minor [...]

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