In this Early to Mid Elementary book, we reinforce your knowledge of some landmark notes and leap around the piano (a lot!). The landmark notes we will use are Cs and Gs. Use these notes to orient yourself on the page and at the instrument. When you are leaping between the notes in these pieces don’t stretch your hand out to reach the top notes and avoid giant loopy motions with your arm. Keep your hand in a relaxed, compact position and your arm movements lateral (moving from left to right).

There are five stages in this module. Each stage introduces new landmark notes. By the end of the book, you will be able to read notes all over the stave.

Stage 1: Introduces C5
Stage 2: Introduces G2
Stage 3: Introduces the notes between C5 and C6
Stage 4: Introduces C2
Stage 5: Consolidates all the new landmark notes

This book comes with backing tracks and more online. Find them inside the Supersonics Plus app

(turn your phone sideways to view the samples)