Go on a musical journey with engaging Early to Mid Intermediate pieces designed to teach students the theoretical and practical knowledge of all the major and minor keys – all while having fun.

Show your students how each key works using the Key Explorers before they hear how each key sounds using different musical worlds. Use the free backing tracks in Supersonics Plus App to bring each piece to life.

Track your way across the sky in the ‘Air Navigators’ series that explores all the major keys.

Play the soundtrack to a pirate’s journey with engaging pieces that tell the story of Captain Dan while exploring the the first 6 minor keys in ‘A Pirate’s Tale’.

Find your way through outer space with engaging minor pieces in ‘The Outer Worlds’ series.

This book follows on from Scales and Modes and is a perfect supplement to other piano methods (the pieces within this book are already featured in the Supersonics Piano Method).


The audio samples feature the solo recordings. Listen to the free backing tracks and view the online support material

(turn your phone sideways to view the samples)

The Supersonics Plus App adds so much more to this book. Access the teaching resources, sample recordings, backing tracks, activities and more – in studio or at home, and create a rich, dynamic and engaging learning experience. All the core content is free!


Upgrade to Supersonics Pro to get the most out of the app. You can bookmark pieces for your students, mark theory, print additional sheet music and much more. You also get discounts on print books, new supplementary pieces every month and an online portal for students to access and practice at home.


This book includes the following pieces:

Cloud Dancer (Early Intermediate)
Wind Catcher (Early Intermediate)
Clear Skies (Early Intermediate)
Updraft (Early Intermediate)
Constellation (Early Intermediate)
Sunbeams (Early Intermediate)
Mutiny on the High Seas (Early Intermediate)
Dread Pirate Dan (Early Intermediate)
Ahoy, Me Hearties (Late Elementary)
One-Armed Jack (Early Intermediate)
Race to the Treasure (Early Intermediate)
H.M.A.S. Defiance (Early Intermediate)
Rainbow Surfing (Mid Intermediate)
Over the Horizon (Mid Intermediate)
Sunburst (Mid Intermediate)
Air Sprites (Early Intermediate)
Chasing the Dawn (Mid Intermediate)
Odyssey (Mid Intermediate)
Countdown (Mid Intermediate)
Ascent (Mid Intermediate)
Exosphere (Mid Intermediate)
Celestial (Mid Intermediate)
Wormhole (Mid Intermediate)
Descent (Mid Intermediate)

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