Key and Technique Explorers

Fun-to-play pieces to refine technique, teach the major and minor keys and explore modes

Supersonics Piano Key and Technique

If the idea of learning new scales, modes and keys feels daunting or challenging for your students then you’ll love these fun piano pieces and the online resources that come with them! 

The pieces range in standard from Early Elementary to Mid Intermediate. Not sure what your students’ piano grade converts to in Supersonics Level? Get the Guide to Comparing Grades and Levels 

Packed full of catchy, uplifting songs with interesting melodies and ear worm rhythms, students won’t realise how much they’re learning in the Elevate Studies. Enjoy watching how they improve their rotational and pedal technique.

Students love the fun, unusual sounds and catchy rhythms in Scales and Modes. This book introduces the “basic” major and minor keys as well as exploring modes and other tonal arrangements. 

Go on different musical adventures to learn all the minor and major keys in Key Explorer. Navigate outer space, join a pirate on his journey and track your way across the sky.

Not sure what your students’ piano grade converts to in Supersonics Level? Get the Guide to Comparing Grades and Levels

Each exciting book comes with free online teaching resources and creative activities in the Supersonics Plus App


Help your students become expressive players with good rotational piano technique. The engaging Early to Late Elementary pieces in Elevate Studies take the hard work out of teaching and refining these skills. The book features 8 studies in C, F and G major with repetitive melodic patterns that require students to master the rotational technique [...]


Does the idea of learning and practicing scales on the piano bore your students? The ‘Scales and Modes’ lesson book puts the joy back into learning technical music skills and sets your students up for success. The interesting melodies, catchy rhythms and fun online backing tracks bring each Mid Elementary to Early Intermediate piece to [...]


Go on a musical journey with engaging Early to Mid Intermediate pieces designed to teach students the theoretical and practical knowledge of all the major and minor keys – all while having fun. Show your students how each key works using the Key Explorers before they hear how each key sounds using different musical worlds. [...]

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