Taking inspiration from cinematic soundtracks, Daniel McFarlane’s original Mid to Late Elementary pieces continue the story from Castle Escape 1.

Featuring vivid musical imagery students are tasked with using their skills in musical expression to take listeners on their journey for freedom. 

Extending students’ range across more of the piano, the popular sequel features fantasy action music they’re guaranteed to love. 

There are three levels to explore – Training Hall, Arena and Throne Room. Students won’t even notice the pieces get progressively harder as they go. They’ll be so engrossed in the grand escape. It’s a joy to watch! 

By the end of the book you’ll notice a difference in their expressive playing and coordination skills. And they’ll take pride in their progress, ticking off each piece on the map as they go.  

Pro members get each piece transposed into every minor key, making this book incredibly flexible.

This book comes with backing tracks and more online. Find them inside the Supersonics Plus app

This book was updated in July, 2023.

(turn your phone sideways to view the samples)