Each epic Early to Mid Elementary piano piece in this book is the soundtrack to your dramatic castle escape. Students are invited to use their wits and skill to learn each new, slightly harder piece to progress their technique throughout the book.

Inspired by otherworldly places and fairy tales, we guarantee you’ll love this popular piano music. The pieces use repetitive melodic patterns with lots of dramatic emphasis, crisp staccato and varying tempos to keep students engaged. 

By the end of the book you’ll see a difference in their expressive, musical storytelling skills. And what’s more – they’ll take pride in their progress, ticking off each piece on the map in the book.  

Pro members get each piece transposed into every minor key, making this book incredibly flexible.

This book comes with backing tracks and more online. Find them inside the Supersonics Plus app

This book was revised in July, 2023.

(turn your phone sideways to view the samples)