Daniel McFarlane’s piano method is about building students’ confidence with fun, original pieces – and this piano book for adults and teens is no exception.

Supersonics Method Quick Start B introduces new scales, modes and styles of music at an accelerated pace for older students at mid-late elementary level. The catchy, original pieces will engage learners of all ages.

You’ll help them develop into expressive players, refining their pedalling technique and musical ear. They’ll have a practical understanding of many of the major and minor scales, as well as chromatic, blues and jazz scales. And you’ll expand their knowledge of music with more authentic, historical pieces, popular chords, familiar melodies and folk songs.

The streamlined modules introduce new concepts in a fast, flexible and open-minded way. Mix and match the pieces to learn according to your lesson plan, or work through the book from cover to cover. Students will consolidate their learnings with a range of new creative exercises.

This book is the best way to get students to learn piano fast. You’ll see their confidence bloom as they take pride in their success.


In this section we introduce all the key groups used in this book (C, F, G and D majors and A, D and E minors) plus the chromatic scale. The audio samples feature the solo recordings.  Listen to the free backing tracks and view the online support material

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This section features arrangements of folk tunes and popular classics. The audio samples feature the solo recordings. Listen to the free backing tracks and view the online support material

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In this section we cover the modes of the major scale (Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian and Locrian). The audio samples feature the solo recordings. Listen to the free backing tracks and view the online support material

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This section features original historical repertoire by some of the great composers. All the keys for this level are represented in this section. View the online support material

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In this section we continue the harmonic exploration we began in Level A. As an extension activity you might like to use the chord progressions in these pieces as the base for new compositions. View the online support material

In this section we explore your musical creativity.

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  • Content: 140 pages piano method book with 1-2 years of teaching material for older beginners (approx. ages 11-12).
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Q: How do I access the material in Supersonics Plus?

A: Simply go on supersonicsplus.com and start by watching the Video Guides. All the resources you need for this book are organised by Module.

Q: What if I want to use the Supersonics Piano Method for more than one student?

A: Each Method Book is licenced for one student. If you’d like to use the Supersonics Method for your entire studio, we recommend upgrading to Supersonics Pro so that you can either legally print copies of this book for all your students or use the 20% discount on print books. You can offset the cost of the membership by charging the full price for print books or by adding a resource fee to your lessons.

Q: What ages / grades is the Quick Start B suitable for?

The lessons taught in Quick Start B build on the techniques and theory in previous levels. The books have content suitable for late-elementary (approx. 10 years right through to adults).

Learn more about the flow of the Supersonics Method.

Q: If I want to transfer my students to your method from another, how do I know where to start?

A: The best entry points into the accelerated Supersonics Piano Method are at Quick Start A and Level 4 of the main method.

Read more information about transferring from other methods here.

Q: What techniques and skills will my students master by using this piano method?

A: By the end of Quick Start B, students will be confident and expressive players. They’ll have a greater understanding of:

    • music from different eras
    • practical understanding of components of Grade 1 Theory, and
    • how the modes of the major scale work

They’ll also be able to:

    • compose and play in a range of different keys
    • transpose more complex pieces
    • play expressively with good technique
    • play pieces with homophonic and polyphonic elements
    • play pop chords in a range of major and minor keys
    • respond to complex creative stimuli
    • and much more

This book includes the following pieces:

Key Explorations

C major scale piece
Elevate: Three
Elevate: Four
A minor scale piece
Secret Door
Melancholia: One
F major scale piece
Turning Time
Elevate: Five
D minor scale piece
Masked Ball
Mysterious Mission
G major scale piece
E minor scale piece
After the Battle
Melting Snow
D major scale piece


“You Shall Go No More” (Mozart)
“Hava Nagila” (Traditional)
“William Tell Overture” (Rossini)
“Scarborough Fair” (Traditional)
“Amazing Grace” (Traditional)
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Dukas)
“Russian Dance” (Tchaikovsky)
“Lullaby” (Brahms)


Mixed Messages (Dorian Mode)
Bazaar (Phrygian mode)
The Triffid (Lydian mode)
The Village Fair (Mixolydian mode)
Aeolian Air (Aeolian mode)
Stranger Horizons (Locrian mode)

Historical Sounds

“Quadrille” (Haydn)
“Canon in A minor” (Kunz)
“Study in F” (Gurlitt)
“The Flowers Sing of Love” (Bartók)
“Study in G” (Müller)
“A Little Piece” (Beyer)
“Dance” (Bartók)
“Canon in D” (Kunz)


Happy Days
Lonely Road
March Macabre
Blue Daze
Sunday Afternoon

+ 8 composition tasks

Read about how Supersonics Piano levels work

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  • Use this book as the repertoire, technical and creative base for your teaching/learning. The flexibility of the method means that you can very easily add your own material to create personal musical journeys for every student.

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