Supersonics Pro School Membership

Supercharge your school

Print everything. Access everything. Save on print books. All in one super membership.

Supersonics Piano Pro Membership

Enjoy all the benefits of Supersonics Pro across your entire school and save 50% for each additional teacher. Here’s how you qualify:

  • You must have an active individual annual Pro membership
  • The teachers you sign up must be part of your music school (employees or contractors). You will be asked to provide proof of this.
  • You will need to add at least two additional teachers (the total minimum number of teachers is three – you plus at least two additional others).
  • Your account will be managed manually. When you sign up you will need to provide us with each teacher’s details (name and email address).
  • You are able to change teachers throughout the year but all memberships are non-refundable.

To add additional teachers to your Pro account follow these steps:

  1. Select how many additional teachers you would like to add
  2. Complete the transaction
  3. Email [email protected] with the name and email address of each additional teacher. We will then set up the additional account(s) for you. Please note that as this is a manual process it will take 1-2 days to complete.

Excite Your students. Grow Your School.

Sign up now for only $USD49.50 per additional teacher to enjoy your school’s best year of teaching ever. We don’t automatically rebill you – at the end of the 12 months we’ll simply send you a reminder email and you can choose whether or not to continue.


By signing up:

  • I acknowledge that the membership is non-refundable.
  • I acknowledge that the materials provided in this membership are for my own personal use, the use of my teachers and/or the use of our own personal students. I undertake to respect the copyright holder and to not illegally distribute any materials made available to me, my teachers and my students.
  • I undertake that we will only use material printed from Supersonics Plus while my membership is current.
  • I acknowledge that printable materials available as part of the digital library will require us (or our students) to have immediate access to a printer. The workflow for printing library pieces/books is:
    1. Access the piece/book in Supersonics Plus
    2. Press the “print” button
    3. The piece/book is sent to your printer to be printed immediately (these pieces are not downloadable)
  • I undertake that I will not use the print book discount to commercially market and/or sell Supersonics Piano books to anyone outside my school.
  • I undertake that I will be personally liable for any breach(es) of this agreement by either myself, my teachers or our students and that any breaches will result in the immediate cancellation of my account without refund.