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Supersonics Piano books

Are you looking for piano pieces that are refreshingly fun, catchy, and engaging to play and teach? You’re in the right place.

Combined with backing tracks and additional teaching resources, my original piano method, books and digital sheet music will motivate students at every age and level – and keep them coming back for more.

Join thousands of other teachers and students who have fallen in love with my music. 

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Piano Teaching Method

Watch your students fall in love with piano using the Supersonics Piano Method. My original and fun music will inspire your students, encourage them to practice and take pride in their progress. 

This playful, open-minded method pairs with the Supersonics Plus App to give you free access to extra teaching and learning resources. Students can play along with backing tracks and teacher duets, complete online theory and watch instuctional videos. Learn more about the Supersonics Piano Method… 

Piano Music Books

These catchy and engaging print piano books pair perfectly with the Supersonics Piano Method, or for use on their own to supplement your own method. Help your students consolidate different techniques, while developing a creative and open-minded approach to learning. There are books for everyone – from beginners to advanced players.

Inspire and motivate students of all ages and skill levels, while keeping their love of piano alive. Use these books with the free resources available inside the Supersonics Plus App. Go exploring…

Digital Sheet Music

An affordable and fun range of digital sheet music to supplement your teaching repertoire. They’re an ideal introduction to my piano music, or the perfect addition to add to your own collection.

Each of these individual pieces is studio-licensed to use with all your students – and are ready to download and start playing immediately. Use these pieces with the free resources available inside the Supersonics Plus App.

Explore the range of digital piano music in my online store today. Go exploring…

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Supersonics Pro

Upgrade to
Supersonics Pro to legally print all of my pieces for use in your studio, access a discount on print books and enjoy upgraded features in the Supersonics Plus app. 

Create student accounts in the app so that your students can practice at home. Bookmark their music, mark their theory and access all the resources online, wherever you are.

Supersonics Pro is simply the best way to fully experience all that Supersonics has to offer your studio. Learn more about this super resource…

“I’ve been a long-time admirer of Daniel McFarlane’s music. He has an uncanny ability to write catchy, interesting pieces based on simple musical motives and progressions. I’ve found his music has endless appeal in my studio whether students are beginners or advanced, young or old.” 

Tim Topham / topmusic.co

All Supersonics pieces have content available in the Supersonics Plus App.
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Download the Supersonics Plus App from the:


Excite your students with my catchy music, free backing tracks and teacher duets, creative activities and cool teaching resources. Get them to download the app to use during their practice at home. There’s no need for you or your students to login – the free content is available straight away.


If you love the app then upgrade to a Pro Membership to access all of its premium features + enjoy a 20% discount on print books, exclusive printable pieces, activities + more.

Join the community of creative piano teachers

Every piano teacher is different – but we all have one thing in common. A love of music and of piano. 

I believe in community over competition, and I engage and listen to my community of piano teachers to continually update and improve the music and deliver more value in the innovative piano app.

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Recommended by piano teachers and educators across the globe:

“THANK YOU!!! I have over 65 pupils and I haven’t had them so excited about pieces of music for a long time, the boys especially are getting so excited when I play the samples on your website. It is so refreshing to have some music that is original and EXCITING for my pupils.” 

Cherie Kaushal / Piano teacher
Supersonics Piano Daniel McFarlane Jennifer Foxx

“When you visit the Supersonics website, not only will you experience cutting edge technology, but most importantly you can expect to find engaging and relevant music that will motivate students young and old. Daniel McFarlane has a special talent for writing music that not only gets student excited to learn but does it in a way that sets them up for SUCCESS!”

Jennifer Foxx / musiceducatorresources.com

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