Piano Soundscapes

Learn to Play Piano Soundscapes spanning Genres and the World

Supersonics Piano Soundscapes

If you’re looking for some awesome piano solos to supplement your teaching methods, or fun pieces to keep your skills sharp after you’ve been through our method – you’re in the right place.

From crisp, twinkling notes and flowing fantasy inspired melodies to upbeat, funky rhythms, unusual sounds and world music – these piano soundscapes have something for every student.

These soundscapes feature some of our most popular pieces ever and the catchy pieces won’t disappoint.

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Students will fall in love with these beautiful, modern Early Elementary to Mid Intermediate piano pieces in Winter Scenes. The pieces get progressively harder as you work your way through from beginning to end. Students will practice their coordination and refine their use of the sustain pedal as they go. These pieces are all included [...]


Delight your students with these fun, playful pieces in the ‘Jazzy’ piano book. It’s a great supplement to other methods (the Late Elementary to Early Intermediate pieces are already included in the Supersonics Piano Method). Watch your students’ eyes light up as they experiment with these new styles and funky sounds. The book immerses students [...]


Excite your students with these familiar and unfamiliar Mid Intermediate arrangements of world music from across the globe.  The book pairs perfectly with other methods (the pieces are already featured in the Supersonics Piano Method). Your students will love to experiment with these unusual sounds and expand their musical knowledge. Immerse students into traditional and [...]


Finished the Supersonics Piano Method or just need engaging Late Intermediate to Advanced music? These original and fun pieces invite students to go on an epic, fantasy adventure like no other.  Inspired by otherworldly places and fairy tales, these 8 pieces build upon previous skills and challenge students to play with flowing expression. Watch and [...]


Finished the Supersonics Piano Method or just need engaging Late Intermediate to Advanced music? These original, playful pieces invite students to have some fun and enjoy learning something more upbeat.  Each of the 8 pieces gets progressively harder and students can work through the book from cover if they like. This book creates an immersive [...]


Finished the Supersonics Piano Method or just need engaging Late Intermediate to Early Advanced music? ‘Fast and Fun’ is full of fast, punchy but expressive music. Watch as student fingers furiously traverse the keys – sharing the musical narrative as they play. You won’t be able to stop your feet from tapping. Watch student confidence [...]


Fans of Hans Zimmer and his Interstellar Soundtrack are sure to love this collection of epic, outer space music for the piano. Taking inspiration from epic, cinematic soundtracks, Daniel McFarlane’s original Mid Elementary to Early Advanced pieces will take students on a musical adventure, while challenging them to refine their hand and pedal coordination and [...]

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