As a special bonus for teachers all of the digital sheet music available on this site is studio-licensed. We love that Daniel’s music is enjoyed all around the world and the combination of instant digital downloads with studio licensing is a great way for us to reach everyone.

PLEASE NOTE: hardcopies are not covered by this studio license. One book = one student

Supersonics Piano studio licensing

What is studio-licensing?

Studio licensing means that you can use my digitally-delivered pieces with all your students. The strict legal definition is this:

You are permitted to use the purchased digital Materials with any number of your own students as an individual teacher; this license may not be shared with any other teachers in the same studio or different studios.

  • All digital sheet purchases are studio-licensed for life.
  • All pieces/books printed while you are a Supersonics Pro member are studio-licensed for the length of your membership. 

Studio-licensing FAQ

Yes, and we suggest that you should. Supersonics Piano pieces will pay for themselves over and over again. You can either:
  • Charge a set “materials fee” for each student per month/term/year
  • Charge per piece/book printed.

Or you can simply include access to my pieces as part of the lesson fee that you charge. Remember also that Supersonics Piano purchases are deductible against your tax liability (have a chat with your accountant).

Be as simple or creative as you like! You can:

  • glue the pieces into scrapbooks (great if you like to easily highlight or draw on the score)
  • use a plastic display folder (very quick and easy)
  • use a 3-ring binder (very easy to organise)
  • send the pieces off to a print store to be printed and comb-bound (surprisingly cost-effective)
  • get your own comb binder and bind the pieces into books yourself (if you have the time it is super cheap)

Each piece has a “print ready” PDF and full-colour cover included so that you can easily print in no time at all with no hassle! If you would like pretty color covers I would suggest getting a print shop to print them for you in small batches on glossy card stock. This is very economical to do.

All these options are very economical, very flexible and look great.

Yes! The simplest way is to attach a copy of your invoice to any sheet music that you are required to submit or to bring your invoice to the event. If you want to be totally sure we can create a personalized “authorized copy” for your student. Contact us if you require this service or if you need any assistance in this area. We are also happy to respond to any queries regarding legality from event organizers.