These epic Mid Elementary pieces are studies in rotation. If you need some help with your technique in these pieces watch the Robot Rotate video here. I call this technique “Robot Rotate” because the way you move your arm makes you look like an old school robot. To do it you simply:

  1. Hold your arm in a supported position
  2. Rotate your hand, wrist and forearm from left to right to move between the notes

This book pairs perfectly with the Elevate Studies book.

Pro members get each piece transposed into every minor key, making this book incredibly flexible.

This book comes with backing tracks and more online. Find them inside the Supersonics Plus app

Dark Sun 1
Dark Sun 2
Dark Sun 3
Dark Sun 4
Dark Sun 5
Dark Sun 6
Dark Sun 7
Dark Sun 8
Dark Sun 9
Dark Sun 10
Dark Sun 11

(turn your phone sideways to view the samples)

(turn your phone sideways to view the samples)

This book is also available with simplified left hand reading 🙂