Piano Bridging Books For the Supersonics Piano Method and Other Methods

Go on an Adventure with These Fun Bridging Books

Supersonics Piano Method bridging books

Consolidate technical skills and musical knowledge with these exciting books full of music that sit between the Supersonics Piano Method levels. If you’re using another method then use these books to go on a “supersonic” adventure.

Go on a “middle C” adventure in Land of the Middle Seas – where each new piece tells a new part in the musical story. It’s the perfect bridge between Level 1 and 2 of the Supersonics Piano Method.

Kick your excitement up a notch with a fun range of fast, easy piano pieces in Beat the Clock 1. Perfect for students who feel the need for speed. They’ll love the catchy melodic and rhythmic patterns and playing along with the online backing tracks. Slot these pieces in between Levels 2 and 3 of the main method.

Make practice fun with the fast, exciting piano pieces in a range of different keys in Beat the Clock 2. It’s a musical adventure that’ll give them some quick wins and get them fired up. Learn them between Level 3 (or Quick Start B)  and Level 4.

Or are you transitioning into the Supersonics Piano Method from another? The Blast Off Bridge introduces crucial elements such as sharps and flats, basic pop chords, an extended reading range and an introduction to the sustain pedal. Then students can confidently start at Level 2 without feeling overwhelmed. Learn more in the Transfer Guide

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Delight your students with these fun, playful pieces in the Land of the Middle Seas supplementary piano book. Each of the 16 Early Elementary pieces tells a new part of the musical story – creating an engaging, expressive way to explore the middle C range. The simple sheet music is designed for students at an [...]


Get a creative kick with these fast, fun Early to Late Elementary piano music in Beat the Clock 1. Perfect for when your students are in a musical rut, these easy piano pieces to learn are designed to give them some quick wins – inspiring them again. This book features 11 simple pieces in C [...]


These 11 quick, easy Late Elementary to Early Intermediate piano pieces will inspire students with fun melodic patterns in a range of different keys. Practice or learn different keys including pieces in C, F, D and G major as well as A, E and D minor. This musical adventure is designed to give students some [...]


Whether you’ve been using the old Blast Off Book in your studio already, or if you’re wanting to transition new students into the Supersonics Method – this bridging book is the best spot to introduce later beginners to Supersonics. Crucial elements to your students’ success are introduced in Blast Off Bridge. Students begin to play [...]

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